Ogden-Based Whiteclouds  Largest Full-color 3D Print Services Provider in the World

Ogden-Based Whiteclouds Largest Full-color 3D Print Services Provider in the World

-Open house on Oct. 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. will showcase 24 full-color 3D printers-

OGDEN, Utah—Oct. 22, 2015—WhiteClouds, an industry leading 3D-printing services company, today announced its expansion into a new 60,000 square foot facility and the installation of 14 additional full-color 3D printers from 3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) into their production line. WhiteClouds now has a fleet of 24 full-color printers from 3D Systems, including ProJet 660Pros, ProJet 4500s and a ProJet 860Pro. This expansion more than doubles the company’s full-color printing capacity and makes WhiteClouds the largest full-color 3D print services provider in world.

“Our new facility is designed for world-class manufacturing,” said Jerry Ropelato, WhiteClouds CEO. “Its location is very strategic and our layout is conducive to lean manufacturing principles and high-quality production.”

“WhiteClouds’ 3D print services expansion and expertise in full-color printing allows them to deliver exceptional service and products to their customers looking to bring their ideas to reality in full color,” said Charlie Grace, Chief Revenue Officer, Professional Products, 3D Systems. “We’re thrilled that they have selected our ColorJet printing technology to expand their full-color production services and look forward to their continued growth.”

Going forward, WhiteClouds will focus on developing business-to-business sales and strategic partnerships. The company will continue to expand its focus on four key industries: architecture, medical, prototyping and entertainment. In addition to its full-color services, the company also provides services for prototyping and end-use parts in a variety of materials.

To support its growth and expanded production capabilities, WhiteClouds hired a new COO, Joey Skinner, to oversee production and develop processes that make the company as efficient as possible. “A major part of our offering is the capacity to deliver,” said Skinner. “We are the largest full-color 3D print services provider in the world. With this new building, we have the capacity to hold that prestigious title and to continue to grow that capacity in the future.”

Braden Ellis, CRO, also joined the team to manage partnerships and strategic alliances to create future growth and revenues. “Our goal is to be the hub for companies looking to expand their offerings through 3D printing,” said Ellis. “Nearly every industry can benefit from this technology and we are here to make that possible in a way that is cost effective and easy to implement.”

WhiteClouds is hosting an open house on Oct. 27 for businesses, media, government officials and the general public. At the open house, there will be 3D printing demonstrations and refreshments. “We’re excited about what we’ve built in Utah in nearly three years and where we are going. We have evolved as a company,” said Ropelato. “We want to show what we have to offer and introduce more companies and people to 3D printing.”  

The open house will be on Oct. 27 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at WhiteClouds at 766 Depot Dr. #8 in Ogden. For more information and to register, go here.

About WhiteClouds

Formed in 2013 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah, Whiteclouds is a 3D printing and 3D design company. Whiteclouds specializes in using advanced 3D printing technologies to create architectural models, prototypes, medical models, end-use parts, and entertainment and video game models. With a fleet of 3D Systems full-color printers, Whiteclouds can print vibrant, full-color models, as well as monochrome models and parts in over 200 different materials within a quick timeframe. Whiteclouds is also an authorized 3D Systems reseller. For more information, go to www.whiteclouds.com.




WhiteClouds is Moving…

Over the last two and half years WhiteClouds has quickly grown from a small startup company carving out a place in the 3D printing space, to an established 3D printing and modeling firm serving clients worldwide and a lab with 18 commercial 3D printer—and counting. Consequently, we have outgrown our current space and recently begun the search for a new home that would better fit the needs of our growing company.

We are excited to announce that we have found a new building to call home. Starting September 1st WhiteClouds will begin the move from our 5,000 sq/ft office space to a 60,000 sq/ft building. Our new location will comfortably accommodate our current needs and allow room for expected growth—some of which will happen quickly. We already have a number of new 3D printers on order to be delivered to our new facility.

Our new building is located in the Ogden Business Depot in Ogden, Utah. The building and area fuses creativity and innovation with technology and industry, making it an exceptional home for WhiteClouds.   

While we will be busy in the coming months getting ready for our move and putting the finishing touches on our new building, we will continue to serve our clients.  

Please watch for more information as we get closer to our moving date.

NASA teams with WhiteClouds to 3D print Eta Carinae model

NASA astrophysicists now know more about Eta Carinae, one of the most mysterious and brightest star systems, thanks in part to 3D printing technology. Eta Carinae is a star system made up of two large stars—the smaller of the two orbits the larger star in a 5-year cycle.

The smaller star speeds through dense stellar wind as it wraps around the larger star at its closest point, leaving a wake of intense bursts of x-rays in its path. Thomas Madura, from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, used 3D simulations to record the data of this phenomenon.

WhiteClouds then used the data to produce a physical model of the orbit and shockwave, producing a never-seen-before view of the internal structure of the system.   

 “Compared to standard 3D visualizations, the 3D prints provide more insights into what is going on in the stellar binary system,” said Madura. “The ability to hold and inspect the 3D printed models provides a new perspective on the wind-wind interaction region's geometry and an improved sense of the scale of the different structures.”

This is the first time 3D printing has been used in the study of astronomy and Madura believes 3D printing will play a role in studying other observations in the future.

WhiteClouds printed the full-color model on a ProJet 600Pro which prints, layer by layer, using a gypsum-based powder and liquid binding agent.    

“I do think that this technology and 3D models like this will be used more in the future, said Madura, “especially as the analysis of 3D (and higher D) data becomes more important in the field of astronomy. We are currently looking into 3D printing 3D spectral mapping data of Eta Carinae obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope, which would be another first.”

Madura believes the 3D models will not only help scientists, but also the general public, better understand these fascinating galactic objects.

Discover the Most Detailed Home Architectural 3D Print Ever at CES 2015

WhiteClouds will feature architectural models as well as debut its new porcelain-like finish at the International CES Trade Show

OGDEN — January 5, 2015 — WhiteClouds, an industry leading company in 3D-printing services, including architectural models, will show off its largest, most detail-oriented 3D architectural model print ever created.

At CES 2015(#71918 in Tech West, Level 2, of the Sands Expo), WhiteClouds will reveal its most incredible architectural model ever created – the Casa Fortunata. This model boasts over 25 unique features that have never before been printed as a whole in any 3D model such as cathedral style windows, fountains, verandas, archway arcading and massive multi-level staircases.

Casa Fortunata Details Include:

  • Print Time: 59 Hours

  • Square Footage: 35,023

  • Scale: 1/8” =1’

  • Layers: 1,973

  • Size of Model: 16” x 23” x 8”

WhiteClouds will also debut a new porcelain-like finish which increases the strength of 3D prints, gives a glass smooth finish to full-color sandstone parts, enhances color and gives a glossy sheen. This porcelain-like finish is perfect for figurines and entertainment models which will be displayed in the WhiteClouds booth.

For more information about WhiteClouds’ plans for CES 2015 or to schedule an interview with Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds, please contact Communications Director, Jessica Foust at 801-450-4270 or Jessica@WhiteClouds.com.

About WhiteClouds

Formed in 2013 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah, WhiteClouds is a 3D printing and 3D visualization service company that delivers realistic models of any design. With a fleet of 3D Systems and Stratasys printers, customers can print vibrant, full-color and monochrome models within a quick timeframe. For architects and builders, WhiteClouds allows you to see and hold your project before you build it. 

Company 3D Prints Topography for Mining Industry

Canadian company MineBridge Software Inc. has developed a process to 3D print topography based on survey data and aerial photography. The data is processed by their flagship software package Muck3D before it is sent to a 3D printer.

3D printing service WhiteClouds 3D printed the topography of an area in Northern Nevada to demonstrate the technology.  

“We’re using this particular model just to show clients what we can do with their data—we are just starting to offer a service to turn their 3D datasets into 3D printed models,” said Carlo Cooper of MineBridge Software Inc. “The ones we’ve had printed up so far have been very well received and we’re hoping to do a lot more of them.”

Muck3D is a 3D design environment used for geotechnical and mining applications; for example, to design dams and mine waste storage areas.

WhiteClouds 3D printed the model on a ProJet 600Pro—a full-color, powder-based 3D printer. The model is 203mm x 198mm x 52mm and has 512 layers.

Historic Windmills Recreated using 3D Printing

Lubbock, Texas – The American Wind Power Center (AWPC) has partnered with WhiteClouds to create scale models of historic windmills using computer aided design and 3D printing. The windmills will be part of a train layout that will be on display in the AWPC Museum. “We plan to build a model train layout of early Lubbock from 1910 to 1950, a time when there were a large number of windmills in this area,” said Coy Harris, Executive Director of the AWPC. “That is also the time when the train came to Lubbock.”

Harris has been working with Kelly Root, a designer at WhiteClouds, to create scale models of the windmills which are then 3D printed in WhiteClouds’ lab on a ProJet 3500 HDMax. “By using 3D design and 3D printing (the AWPC) was able to get a scale model of a windmill that isn’t available anywhere else. This is a windmill that was being used over 30 years ago. Scale models of it simply aren’t available anywhere, it had to be created from scratch.”  

The models have been recreated using a variety of techniques. One of the windmills was recreated using a scale model that AWPC already owned. Root was able to take the measurements and then reverse-engineer and design a replica of the model. One of the other windmills was created using old blue prints of the original windmill and photographs. Root commented that the biggest challenge of the project is keeping the models as true to the original full-scale windmills as possible while still keeping the designs 3D printable.

All of the windmill models have been 3D printed using Multi-Jet Modeling technology. This process uses a UV-cured resin to create precise, durable, plastic parts. Each layer is only 16 microns, which is about 1/6 the thickness of a human hair. This gives the scale model windmills incredible detail. The final print is translucent and off-white. 

Harris and his team will then assemble and finish the models. “All the windmills will be printed and painted, said Harris. “We will have to build the wooden towers for many. Most of the windmills are too complicated to hand build and that is why they are being printed.”

The AWPC is the largest windmill museum in the world with a collection of over 100 windmills in an indoor gallery and 60 windmills erected outside in the Linebery Windmill Park.

3D Company – WhiteClouds – To Unveil New Residential and Commercial 3D Printed Modeling Services

WhiteClouds is excited to unveil its Residential and Commercial 3D-Printed Models and associated services this week at AIA 2014 in Chicago.

Journalists, analysts and bloggers will be able to get a first look at the new residential, commercial, and futuristic concept models during AIA in booth #2456. Each scale model is created with unbelievable detail using the WhiteClouds formula for precision 3D printing.

When it comes to architectural models, WhiteClouds has dialed down the modeling and 3D printing process. We combine the most technologically-advanced, industrial-grade 3D printers with designers specializing in 3D printing to create architectural models in full-color and monochrome, with precision detail, and in unlimited shapes and sizes. With WhiteClouds, architects, developers and builders will save time and money and be able to showcase their building designs to clients, allowing them to visualize all aspects of the structure – both interior and exterior.

We hope to see you at the WhiteClouds booth #2456 to discuss how 3D printing is changing the way architects design and showcase their work.

Press Contact
Jessica Foust

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WhiteClouds at MediaBistro's Inside 3D Conference and Expo

April 2nd, New York City. WhiteClouds, a 3D printing and modeling service company, is demonstrating its capabilities at Mediabistro's Inside 3D Conference and Expo. WhiteClouds’ display is located at the Javits Convention Center in the Maker Pavilion, booths M522 and M523.

WhiteClouds has several commercial 3D printers, including the Connex500, the ProJet 660, and has just acquired Stratasys’ new Connex3 full-color 3D printer, capable of printing in multiple colors and materials. WhiteClouds is one of a few select companies in the U.S. with this printer.

WhiteClouds is staffed with a team of experienced designers and offers design services for those without 3D modeling experience, allowing anybody with a vision to have their idea 3D designed and printed.

Jerry Ropelato, WhiteClouds’ CEO, said about the conference, “We're excited to debut our new models at Inside 3D. We have some displays that push the boundaries of 3D design and the capabilities of 3D printing.”

Kyle Gifford, a designer at WhiteClouds said, “I think the services we offer are the first of its kind, and will continue to evolve over the next several years.  3D printing has started coming into its own recently, and more people are realizing its potential for both quick prototyping and elaborate consumer goods.  Our 3D design services allow anybody to transform an idea into a 3D file, and ultimately a tangible item. 

“The attention we have attracted with this spans from local inventors to foreign businesses, all with different motives, ideas, and experience. I think this has been a great opportunity for everybody involved to learn about new, exciting technologies.  We are happy to serve as the bridge between ideas and technology, and hope to teach all those we interact with about the exciting world of 3D printing,” Gifford explained.

Kelly Root, another WhiteClouds designer, agrees. “I think the projects we’ve worked on will help show the capabilities of 3D printing. This industry is still so unknown that most people aren’t even aware that it exists, much less what can be done with it. By doing these large scale projects, we can help educate people what the possibilities of 3D printing can be, and hopefully in the future, give them ideas of the different things that can be done with it as well.”

Some of the models WhiteClouds is showcasing includes architectural models, futuristic cities, and “Classic Crusaders,” which are well-known fairy tale characters and legends reimagined and redesigned by the WhiteClouds team.

One model, a futuristic city, was designed by Root. It was printed in 38 pieces, using the Zprinter, Connext500, and the ProJet 3500 HD Max. It has a footprint of 14.15” x 12.15” x 11.5”.

A home model designed by Gifford took 42 hours to design and all of the stone and roof slate were laid by hand. Plans were not available for the home, so the model was built entirely from looking at pictures. The model is based off an existing house in Alpine, New Jersey.

The Headless Horseman, designed by Root, was printed in 4 hours on the ProJet 660. It is 5.5” tall with over 8,000 layers, showing incredible detail.

For more information about WhiteClouds visit www.whiteclouds.com.

About WhiteClouds

WhiteClouds is a 3D printing company that offers both 3D modeling and 3D printing services, as well as content and tutorials. The company was founded in March, 2013, by Jerry Ropelato, CEO. Ropelato has successfully founded other companies, including TechMedia Network where he is currently a member of the board.

Ropelato states about the company, “We help bring your ideas to life through incredible design services and 3D printers, using the some of the most advanced technologies in the industry.”

About Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo

Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo explores the applications of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. The expo includes two full days of seminars, giveaways, and exhibitions.

The Maker Summit and Pavilion includes all levels of 3D printing, workshops, networking and more. WhiteClouds is proud to be an exhibitor at this world-class conference.

For more information about the expo, check out the Inside 3D printing Conference + Expo page.

WhiteClouds Launches to Bring 3D Printing to the Masses

WhiteClouds specializes in the exploration, education, innovation and creation of 3D printables.

Ogden, UT— December 2, 2013 — WhiteClouds, a 3D printing service company, launches today with the goal to bring 3D printing to the masses. The company provides 3D printing and 3D design services and creates educational media, including videos, images and articles, and provides the tools to explore and create 3D printables (any object that can be 3D printed).   

“3D printing products and services are in high-demand but it’s hard to know just where to start," said Jerry Ropelato, Founder and CEO of WhiteClouds. “That’s why WhiteClouds is such a great resource. We offer advice, how-tos, videos and more to learn about 3D printing and how to use 3D printers. Plus users can print their own designs with WhiteClouds or purchase imaginative and unique 3D printables.”

WhiteClouds successfully tested one of its designs on Kickstarter by offering Steampunk Dinosaurs and Dragons. The project gained momentum and reached its funding goal on October 20, 2013. This propelled WhiteClouds to design related items and to branch out into different product categories.

WhiteClouds features a vast array of 3D printables including sculptures, jewelry, gadgets, games, scale models and much more—all available for purchase. Visitors can upload their own designsincluding home plans to create a 3D home model. This allows a homeowner or inventor to visualize their home or invention with a tangible model. The website www.WhiteClouds.com features over 7,300 pages of content and products and has an interface where visitors can upload their creations.  

WhiteClouds prides itself on igniting the imagination of every visitor to help bring his or her designs to life. With this in mind, WhiteClouds encourages every visitor to:

  • Explore,
  • Create, and
  • Shop.

Explore – WhiteClouds leads the way in educational content for anyone of any age to learn about 3D printing. Spark your imagination in the vast inventory of original designs with content that aims to educate and entertain.

Bring Ideas to Life – Need help making those great ideas come to life? The WhiteClouds design team specializes in making them a reality. Upload your 3D file or even a drawing on the back of a napkin to make it a reality. The WhiteClouds Lab has 10 top-of-the-line machines that use a variety of materials to fit your needs.

Shop – WhiteClouds creates incredibly unique and imaginative 3D objects. WhiteClouds has the ability to print just about anything. Each item offered is a unique or personalized creation brought to you by passionate and artistic vision. You’re not just buying a product; you’re buying a work of art.

In addition to the website, WhiteClouds has a 3D printing lab that is open to visitors to explore 3D printables, watch the commercial and consumer 3D printers in action and print out their own designs. The WhiteClouds Lab is open Monday-Friday from 8AM to 5PM and is located at WhiteClouds headquarters at 1464 E. Ridgeline Drive, Suite 101, South Ogden, UT 84405.

About WhiteClouds

Formed in 2013 and headquarted in Ogden, Utah, WhiteClouds is a 3D printing service company aimed to bring 3D printing to the masses. Atwww.WhiteClouds.com, visitors can learn about 3D printing through articles, images and video plus explore 1000s of 3D printable objects. WhiteClouds brings visitors’ imaginations to life by making it easy to print their creations.

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