whiteclouds 3D Printer Tech Support

For immediate assistance, call 385-206-8700

(Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm, MT).

Our client support is unmatched. We have our own lab and with it comes lots of experience. We know the importance of having 3D printers well-maintained and operating properly.


Certified, Professional, Timely

We have a certified 3D Systems repair technician on our team to maintain and repair our clients’ and our own 3D printers. We accept only the highest quality and our technician ensures the printers are running at 100% and producing the best prints possible.

We understand you have deadlines to meet and we are ready to help. To accomplish this, we provide overflow printing and printing for our clients so they can continue production while their printer is being repaired.  

Service Contracts

We know good support is crucial in keeping 3D printers running properly. We have an in-house, 3D Systems-certified technician that maintains our printers and our clients’ printers. We have a lab with many printers and have a lot of experience in 3D printing and are happy to share our knowledge with our clients.

We offer 3D Systems service contracts and would like to help you keep your machines running and producing the highest quality parts. Contact us for more information.


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