3DP4E (3D Printing For Everyone), a top resource website for 3D Printing enthusiasts, released the updated 2nd Edition of Their 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Resource Guide. The eBook contains information and links to 3DP4E's vast knowledge base of 3D Printing manufacturers, artists, products, and services for anybody interested in 3D Printing to carve out Their Niche in the Printing 3D space.


"It's the manifestation of something I needed When I first started in 3D Printing," Said 3DP4E founder and CEO Ron Rose. "There Was so much information spread all over the Internet, that 'It was not possible to Almost find my bearings. I needed just one resource I Could consult with all of it. I believe we've created That. "

The updated guide features over 220 entries That connect readers to free and professional 3D modeling software, uploading and sharing websites Model, 3D scanning and printing services, resources for kids, and more. 3DP4E Continuously Strives to update the eBook with new and better resources in further Top editions of this living resource as time goes on. And of course, 3DP4E is open to suggestions of new resources or tools to add to the upcoming 3rd edition of the eBook or website.

The 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Resource Guide - Second Edition is available immediately All have a free download here .

This guide is one of 3DP4E's original projects, qui aussi include 3Ducation , an animated white-board education series That Introduces viewers to the basics of 3D Printing what is and how it's used being white; and Kids Creation Station , Where can users get Their 2D art 3D Printed turned into sculptures.