3D Printed Interior Design Model. Source: WhiteClouds
3D Printed Interior Design Model. Source: WhiteClouds

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home where family and friends can come together for good food and memorable moments. It is a place to store gadgets, prepare food, feed family and entertain guests. The atmosphere and the layout of the kitchen can turn food preparation and distribution into a pleasurable experience. 

This kitchen is aesthetically pleasing with its blend of granite countertops, marble flooring, the bold look of stainless steel appliances, light wood custom cabinets and several windows that let nature into the heart of the home. 

The 3D printed model allows the homeowner the luxury of being able to visualize every intimate detail before construction begins. The overall placement of each component can be analyzed and critiqued. The 3D floorplan makes it easy to determine how accessible and efficient the day-to-day activities will be in any living space. Also, the following questions can be answered:

Is the room well balanced?

Is the overall effect pleasing to the eye?

Does the room feel crowded? 

Is there wasted space?  

3D printed, model home interiors showcase many different building materials, textures, furniture, accessories and even décor. In this dream kitchen you can see:

  • - High ceilings
  • - Large arched, cathedral-style window
  • - Stainless Steel appliances
  • - Custom granite countertops
  • - Custom light wood cabinets with staggered heights
  • - Three-quarter high granite backsplash with wood trim
  • - Large center island with counter space that seats six and cabinets that include viewing windows
  • - Stools
  • - Window treatments
  • - Live plants
  • - Pottery and ceramics
  • - Tile flooring

The kitchen was printed in one piece on the Projet 660 using 45 different textures. The specs for this particular kitchen are as follows:

Build time: 13 hours 16 min

Layers: 1521

Design time: 22 hours

Software: Maya