CES - 3D Printed Home Model. Source: WhiteClouds
CES - 3D Printed Home Model. Source: WhiteClouds

WhiteClouds will feature architectural models as well as debut its

new porcelain-like finish at the International CES Trade Show

OGDEN — January 5, 2015 — WhiteClouds, an industry leading company in 3D-printing services, including architectural models, will show off its largest, most detail-oriented 3D architectural model print ever created.

At CES 2015(#71918 in Tech West, Level 2, of the Sands Expo), WhiteClouds will reveal its most incredible architectural model ever created – the Casa Fortunata. This model boasts over 25 unique features that have never before been printed as a whole in any 3D model such as cathedral style windows, fountains, verandas, archway arcading and massive multi-level staircases.

Casa Fortunata Details Include:

  • Print Time: 59 Hours
  • Square Footage: 35,023
  • Scale: 1/8” =1’
  • Layers: 1,973
  • Size of Model: 16” x 23” x 8”

WhiteClouds will also debut a new porcelain-like finish which increases the strength of 3D prints, gives a glass smooth finish to full-color sandstone parts, enhances color and gives a glossy sheen. This porcelain-like finish is perfect for figurines and entertainment models which will be displayed in the WhiteClouds booth.

For more information about WhiteClouds’ plans for CES 2015 or to schedule an interview with Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds, please contact Communications Director, Jessica Foust at 801-450-4270 or Jessica@WhiteClouds.com.

About WhiteClouds

Formed in 2013 and headquartered in Ogden, Utah, WhiteClouds is a 3D printing and 3D visualization service company that delivers realistic models of any design. With a fleet of 3D Systems and Stratasys printers, customers can print vibrant, full-color and monochrome models within a quick timeframe. For architects and builders, WhiteClouds allows you to see and hold your project before you build it.