3DP4E eBook
3DP4E eBook

New York company 3DP4E is offering a free eBook through their website to visitors who have a 3DP4E account—it’s also free to create an account. The eBook is a resource containing information and links to 3DP4E’s vast knowledge base of 3D Printing manufactures, artists, products, and services. According to the press release, “This guide makes all the tools one would need available to begin their personal journey into the world of 3D Printing.”

3DP4E.com provides information and tools to allow everyone to learn about 3D printing and design software—hence the acronym name 3DP4E (3D printing for everyone). On their website, you’ll find information on 3D printing labs, companies, products and more.

"We're also geared towards helping schools and students get their first introductions to the many possibilities 3D printing could have in their futures, and our wish is for the book to be used by professors in every 3D printing lab across the country as a way to help their students find tools that work for them," said Noah Waldman, Communications and Press, 3DP4E. 

3D printing companies can manage their own company pages and users can create a profile, and rate and share their experiences with different hardware, software, labs and services.    

Visit www.3dp4e.com to download the free eBook 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication.