Cube Team
Cube Team

Simply put, Cube Team is like building creations with Legos with your friends—but online. This is a virtual environment was created by programmers and designers from Otherlabs and uses building-block style 3D modeling to build just about anything you can imagine. In addition, you can collaborate on projects with your friends and 3D print the creations you build.

This 3D modeling application runs in a web browser that supports WebGL. The Cube Team recommends using the latest versions of Chrome or FireFox for best results. Your work is saved on Cube Team’s cloud, which means it can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. This also means you can collaborate with others on projects in real time.

Cube Team allows you to work with other users on a single project or create a world full of multiple projects. You can chat with other users to help organize your project and interact with other builders around the globe. The website easily connects with social media allowing you to share your builds with your friends through Facebook and Twitter.

To get started click the New button, or you can open an existing project, copy it, and start building from there.

Here are a few critical tools and features you need to know about to get started:

  • Fill – Fills in the highlighted area
  • Erase – Erases the highlighted area
  • Color – Paints the highlighted area
  • Hold Left-Click with Mouse – Fill in all of the blocks in a stroke
  • Brush – Select a brush type to Fill, Erase, Color and Select
  • Orbit Camera – Rotate your object
  • Hold Right Click with Mouse – Pan your object
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel – Zoom in and out
  • Select Brush Size – Select the size of the brush.

Cube Team is intuitive. Within just a few minutes of building and experimenting with the application, you will be able to navigate the user interface and begin creating.

Cube Team automatically saves your project to your account where you can open it to work on later or delete it. You can also share and 3D print your object. Click Share and then Export All to an OBJ. You can 3D print your creation at home or send the file to a 3D printing service. The exported files are watertight and 3D-print-ready.

Cube Team has a good selection of tutorial videos available from the home screen. The videos cover everything from Basic Orientation to using Constraints to help you create 3D designs more quickly.

Overall, we were impressed with Cube Team. This online application makes designing in 3D and 3D printing your designs easy. While you are not going to design complex machinery with this application, it is a great way to introduce 3D design and 3D printing to makers of all ages.