Real world connections with your favorite game characters



The nature of gaming has changed. Players want to connect with their characters in more ways then ever before. At whiteclouds, we can help bring your characters to life in new and exciting ways. We offer complete customization of players' favorite characters, unrivaled print detail, and we sport the worlds largest collection of full-color 3D printers. 


Vivid Detail

At whiteclouds we understand how important it is that your model looks as good out of the printer as it did in your original design. Our 3D printers can achieve incredibly fine details you can see and touch. In fact our printers can print in full-color and in layers 1/6th the size of a human hair. This level of detail allows for more intricate designs and customization for the characters your players care about most.

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Complete Customization

Your Game, Your Character, Your Way



From ammo packs to holsters, we can add any accessory to your character.


Our printers can create over 750,000 color variations.


Customized armor and loadouts allow for increased personalization of your character.



Weapons are a key element in any custom character. Pistols, swords, and so much more.


Faces, tattoos and skin tones. Experience true customization of your character.


We keep your character on their feet. Unlimited base customization brings environment to the model.


Our Lab

The largest full-color 3D printing workshop in the world. 

We have created the perfect environment for your characters and company to look their best.

  • Largest printer capacity in the world so you and your players get what you need when you need it.

  • We specialize in white-label fulfillment, drop shipping, and product discretion.

  • Our team of in-house designers can help you get your files print ready.

  • Security is paramount in our lab. Your products and intellectual properties are kept secure and private.

Technology + Processes

Our 3D printed figurines have fine details you can see and touch. Our 3D printers print in full-color and in layers 86 microns--slightly thinner than a human hair.

Fast - 3D Printing allows you to get your creations into fans hands faster than ever.

Quality - From design, to print, to post processing--our quality is priority number one. 

Affordable - Create models without the expensive injection molding process.


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